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This centre is about providing a safe and inclusive space. Hence why it offers a wide range of programs to suit all ages from 0 to 100+. There is something for everyone. Do you like gardening? Yoga? Tai Chi? Aging Fitness Classes? Need to find work? Have a child on the spectrum?


We have a range of events that take place here at the Community Centre. Join us for our fundraisers, symphonic concerts, networking events and workshops to inspire, help and connect you with a community of like-minded individuals and businesses. Click below to view upcoming events and secure your spot today!

Venue Hire

Are you looking for somewhere to celebrate? Host a quiz night? Hire a meeting room? Certainly, Fulham Community Centre is the space for you! Because this popular venue has one large open plan space and a fenced playground. Furthermore, there are two meeting rooms, one suitable for craftwork.

about strategic partners

Alliances to Support
the Community

City of West Torrens

We have a strong alliance with the City of West Torrens who provide ongoing support in many areas.

Community Centres SA

As the peak body, CCSA provides training opportunities, support with community development and more.

Local Government

We have a strong affiliation with the local Mayor and MP’s who will often lobby on our behalf to support the local community.

City of West Torrens
Community Centres SA
Bendigo Bank West Beach
Department of Communities and Social Inclusion
Community Benefit SA


Encouraging Community Interaction

We believe in creating a community where everyone feels safe and welcome. And we are advocates for facilitating positive connections. For this reason, you should come and participate in this close-knit community space. You'll love it and all that is on offer. Moreover, you'll find an event or activity that captures your attention!

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Join us! We would love for you to get involved Contact us today.


We are a Not-For-Profit organisation. Therefore, all donations are appreciated.

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  1. Fulham Primary School in 1971

    The building was built in 1971

    It was part of the Fulham Primary School. This was the first open plan classroom in South Australia. This building, that now is Fulham Community Centre, was the first open plan classroom built in South Australia.

  2. Fulham Primary School closed in 1988

    Fulham Primary School Closed its doors.

    Following the closure of the school in 1988, concerned members of the local community successfully negotiation with the South Australian Government and the City of West Torrens to retain the building for future development as a Community Centre. The City of West Torrens now owns and maintains the building and provides some funding to assist toward running the centre.

  3. Reedbeds Community Centre re-opened

    The building officially re-opened in 1992 as the Reedbeds Community Centre.

    This was to pay tribute to its rich history of the reedbeds along the riverbeds in the local area stretching along the coast to Pt. Adelaide. It derived its name to commemorate the local environment where, during the settlement period, reed beds stretched along the coast up to Port Adelaide. A mural inside the building depicts this rich history.

  4. Mural unveiled at Community Centre

    On the 17 May 1999, a mural was unveiled.

    This mural was unveiled in the centre depicting its history which can still be viewed today.

  5. Fulham Community Centre offers space for community members to utilise

    Our name changed!

    Reedbeds Community Centre underwent a name change to Fulham Community Centre in 2017. The centre continues to offer an increasing variety of activities for the local community.

  6. The community garden was resurrected

    This was community garden was made possible with the co-assistance of volunteers, Bunnings, Permaculture SA, and The West Torrens City Council.

  7. Solar Panels donated by West Torrens Council

    Solar Panels and a Tesla Battery were donated

    The West Torrens Council donated solar panels and a Tesla Battery to the centre.