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What is Art Therapy?

Innerpiece Connection use art therapy as a creative process to develop and strengthen the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being for individuals of all ages with the intention of resolving obstacles and difficulties.

When words are not enough art therapy can allow for self-expression through storytelling with the use of art mediums.  The art process uses symbols and images with sensory and tactile engagement to help understanding our inner and outer worlds.

The benefits from art therapy processes result in exploring feelings, regulating emotions, reducing anxiety, improving self-esteem, managing behaviours and promoting self-awareness.

Individual or group sessions are available for more information go to the website Innerpeace Connection or contact:

Dianne (0438 844 829) or Lesley (0404 548 655) 

Inner is about your inner self and your inner experiences

Piece is about the missing or fragmented pieces of oneself and about bringing the pieces together for a deeper understanding of self.

Connection is connecting the pieces of yourself to find inner peace and create connection with yourself and others.

Arts Psychotherapy with Raphael Sherriff

One-on-one psychotherapy sessions involving arts and crafts, with a highly trained therapist (GDipAP, BBSci, BA). Arts Psychotherapy works through art rather than talking, making it ideal for dealing with things that are hard to talk about or that we don’t have words for. No artistic skill is required, and all ages are welcome.
Some relevant issues include: depression, anxiety & stress, grief & loss, phobias, eating disorders, trauma & PTSD, stress management, unhealthy habits & compulsions, anger.  Activities may include: painting, drawing, clay sculpture, multimedia sculpture, meditation, music-making & drumming, physical games, relaxation exercises.

Time and cost of the class is negotiable with Raphael and includes NDIS and private clients.

For bookings please contact Raphael through the link: – Arts Psychotherapy with Raphael

What is Arts Psychotherapy? Arts Psychotherapy is psychotherapy through art instead of talking. What that means is that my clients create things about their issues rather than talking about them. There are many issues that are very difficult to talk about, or confusing, or seem impossible – this is where creativity is particularly useful. We can express so much more through colour, line, shape, size, proportion, symbol, metaphor, movement, dance, poetry, song, and storywriting than through talking.
I don’t analyse or judge what’s created, and what a piece looks like isn’t the point. It’s about the process and there’s no wrong way to do it. Also, Art Psychotherapy isn’t the same thing as colouring books. While art is therapeutic in itself, it is not psychotherapy.
I am deeply interested in people, our behaviours, and in interactions – as individuals, as families, as communities, and as societies. I like to find out what makes us ‘tick’. Some of my interests which I like to read about include society, culture, the neuroscience of creativity, the brain and brain development, the philosophy of consciousness and science, and existential philosophy.
Curiosity and compassion drive my art therapy practice. I am always learning more about the vastness of human experience, symbols, and consciousness, and integrating this into my approach as a therapist.
I am highly trained, qualified, and registered as an Arts Psychotherapist. I have a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (psychology) and a Bachelor of Arts (sociology), and a Graduate Diploma of Arts Psychotherapy. 

Art Class



Learn to create with your heart & hands and discover moments of calm.
This Art class is for everyone: whether you paint everyday or haven’t for a while because life gets busy or never painted at all. Your teacher will demonstrate techniques, answer any questions and mostly will guide and encourage you to let those beautiful and unique colours of your heart come through. The first classes will be based on “flourishing gardens of the heart” theme, and we will paint flowers, big bold skies and sunshine, colours that make your heart come alive, while creating some masterpieces along the way.

Tools & inspiration projects provided.

Class day: Wednesday