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Multicultural Groups

Multicultural Groups

Fiji Senior Citizens Association of South Australia incorporation


Fiji Seniors is an emerging organisation with elderly, culturally and linguistically diverse migrants mostly from Fiji and other countries who have been displaced, are retired, isolate and fragile. They are from diverse cultural backgrounds and speak various languages.

The association has an elected committee to achieve its strategic plan. They organise volunteers and members with knowledge and experience in the subject areas to raise funds, oversee and implement projects.

It is established to foster wellbeing, security, enable tackling ageism to increase accessibility for growth diversity, navigating change that builds resilience and ability to cope with difficult transitions. Enable the participation of older South Australians as strategic partners to contribute to the State Government and community’s vision and priorities for ageing well.

We offer education, information on relevant topics, fitness & sporting activities, cultural & social engagements, and skills enhancement. Endeavour to eliminate isolation by encouraging outings, participation in cultural activities, preparing traditional meals, play games, do craft work, and build self-confidence. We welcome new migrants and residents to South Australia and offer them advise, and guidance to help them settle and assimilate into Australian communities.


Meets every second Sunday of the month 11.00 am to 2.00 pm


To join – $25.00/p/p a year membership

Club India International

Club India International is a social club. Club India International SA Inc. was incorporated on 6th Jan 1989. As an incorporated body,  Club India has been existence for the past 27 Years. We are an inclusive Club. Anyone is welcome to join and the joining fees are nominal. Our membership consists of all ages, and all religious and cultural persuasions. We are a Not For Profit Organization and our aim is to cater to the social and recreational needs of members and their families.

The Club is proud of the Indian heritage and believes in the concept of Unity in Diversity. The Club participates in various local community events and festivals and offers vital settlement resources to recently arrived migrants. Its members offer their services in many fields as volunteers facilitating social integration.

The Club promotes awareness of ones health and fitness and encourages all to get up and about into the open. The Club supports this view by hosting various events in the open. Thus, encouraging all to actively participate in sports/games both socially and competitively.

The club consists of dedicated volunteers who endeavour to go that extra mile for community service.

Club India has regular events at the Fulham Community Centre and we would be delighted for you to join our community.

Annual Membership for a family $40

For more infortmation visit the website: Club India International